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On April 16th 2013 site fencing was installed around the Contractor Parking and Laydown area. Please be advised that this area is no longer open to the general public, and proper PPE must be worn to access this area.

On April 25th 2013 the Newburyport Fire Department held a fire drill on campus to exercise the new egress routes. The fire drill was a great success and no issues were noted with the new exit path.



Nock and Molin Schools Renovation and Improvement Project

Months of planning will soon result in visible upgrades at the Nock/Molin building. Plans by architects Miller Dyer Spears have been completed through extensive work with Owner’s Project Manager, Heery International, Construction Manager Gilbane, the School Building Committee and Newburyport Public Schools staff.

    Improvements will include:

        -New Heating and Ventilation Systems
        -New Electrical Service
        -Repair of Structural Cracking
        -Repair of Water Infiltration Problems
        -New Roofing
        -Renovated Restrooms
        -New Energy Efficient Lighting Throughout
        -New Ceilings and Flooring
        -Interior and Exterior Accessibility Upgrades
        -New Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler Systems
        -New Windows and Doors

    • Phase 1 Demolition & Abatement : Completed
    • Phase 1 Metal Stud Wall Framing:  Completed
    • Phase 1 Prime Paint and 1st Finish Coat of Paint:  Completed
    • Phase 1 Electrical Rough-In:  On-going
    • Phase 1 Mechanical Rough-In:  On-going